If only I realized

His Love

If only I realized

The suffering you went through

How my sin made you blue

The tears you shed

The blood you bled

Just to make me new.

If only I realized

The sorrow you had

The hurt that was so bad

The stones , the pain, Oh Lord there is never no way

I can understand,

If only I realized

your precious love for me,

so much you want to help us all know,

our pain will never compare

to all you went through

to get us there,

at the cross, at your feet, is where we weep,

Oh God, if only I realized.

Written:©Betty Bolden


Jesus Is My Joy Ministry's©

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...each of the lines could be the beginning of a poem. As inspired writing from the heart, you succeed, as a poet, there is a quality to God that you keep missing - the joy is not always in the suffering it is living the Joy like qualitis of the Lord God. - Lady A