Restless tonight

I'm restless tonight,

I need your light and not the night.

Satan is attacking my mind,

save me and let me  be free from this fright.

I know your words are hidden inside,

why the darkness today intwined,

I love you  Lord,I need your strength,

why the pain,the doubt the flame,

I need your touch,inside my heart,

protect my mind and make me whole,

I don't deserve the things you give,

I know I'm not the center in time,

I know your Love and what you did

is whats keeping me all within,

I feel the pain and I am afraid,

I hold onto your words inside my soul,

I'm so afraid you'll let  go,

so I keep them hidden inside my head,

I'm not alone,but sometimes I dread,

the aweful words the evil one says,

help me hold on Lord,

help me be strong,

I don't want to hear the words I never knew you,

I want to hear,well done good and faithful one,

and then the doors open from heaven above,

and I enter in,I love you Lord,you stay within!

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

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