Desperately seeking Your face!

His Love

Desperately seeking Your face,

knowing this world is a big trial and race,

leaning on Your love everyday,

desperately seeking Your face.

You fill my heart with Love and comfort,

You take my hand and help me see,

the things in life that I can be,

Desperately seeking Your face.

I tell You my sorrow,

I tell you my pain,

I tell of the Joy,

and also of the shame,

When I'm in trouble you listen well,

when I 'm happy you smile to,

how wonderful when,

I'm desperately seeking Your face.

I Love You more now then way back then,

but now I'm Yours for ever and more,

as I go through my days,

I'm desperately seeking Your face.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright©!

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Justine Egan's picture

Hey! I love it. Because i feel the same way with God and i love him more than i once did years ago. Good work!