~My Garden within~

I have a special place,

far away from this big race,

as far as I can go,

on a long and narrow road.

I have a special place,

a true garden in my mind,

with lots of colors,

true and divine.

I have a special place,

within my thoughts so true,

This is where I meet You,

I have a special place,

inside my heart for You,

where Jesus and I stroll along the side,

the garden in my heart,

where our Love will never depart.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright©!

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poetvg's picture

i love this poem
it is just so

David Richardson's picture

Very beautifully written with so so so much love and devotion to the Lord. Your visualization in this masterpiece is so so so uplifting-your selective words truly inspiring. A very touching poem. Thank you for sharing. Please take care and have a very beautiful and safe weekend.

Dave Richardson