All Of Her Days

Just my Heart

She road through the night

With his light shining the way

Shadows of darkness followed behind

As she kept riding, He guided her ways

in all of her days.

Sky dark and sometimes blue,

One day he'll make it all new.

The darkness trys to invade,

But his love guides her through the pain.

She leans on His grace in so many ways,

And she will remain in him all of her days.

©Betty Bolden


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poetvg's picture

this poem is
so very lovely to read

Shaketa Copelin's picture

This was good, it reminds me of someone and their relationship with Godd...nicely done...

David Richardson's picture

So beautifully written with do much love and grace. The love just seems to pour of your work. The visualization in your work Betty is so beautifully done. Thank you for sharing your beauty with me and have a very gorgeous weekend.

Dave Richardson