Today I Long for Your touch in every area in my life.

I feel far,but think of You always.

Even when there are doubts and unbelief,Your still in my heart and head.

Which way can I GO Lord,?

Shine Your Light,so I can see.

Help me to find You for Eternity.

I am loving You more,day by day,Just thinking

of You keeps me running Your way.

I long to see You one day,touch Your Hands,

and feel Your face,I love to dream about Your embrace.

Your light is shining,then it fades,

my fear takes over and I run to hide,

I see You coming again,to be my guide.

Keep me on track,Lord,stop these attacks,

Hold me and guide me,

Never turn Your Back.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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Go Has No Back

Poems should make sense. This is a prayer and God is portrayed as a human with abilities to come and get you and help you...God is everything and help comes from the gifts you were born to use to his glory...trouble is easy, wipe your feet and walk away like he told you...then watch the waves take the enemy...God Is Goodness & Great ... Lady A