This morning
I woke you from your dreams
and you were my girl
I gently caressed your face
and you were my baby
I softly whispered, "I love you"
and you were my sweetheart

But that was this morning
and hours have since passed

The look in your eyes now
excited, timid, and unsure
of what I'm gonna do next
as I pin you against the wall
Our faces, so close
Forehead to forehead
Lips almost touching
but not tonight
Kisses are for lovers
and there is no love here
You are not my sweetheart
from this morning
and I am not the man
that gently caressed your face
I am a strong and lustful beast
and you...
You are nothing more
than just my prey

I move in and smell
the sweet aroma
of your neck
and breathe lightly on it
causing surges to race
along your spine
You wrap your arms
around me and draw me close
The space between us
instantly vanishes
And now, I can feel
your heartbeat screaming
pounding against my chest
as I nibble upon your earlobe
"Oh baby, please take me now"
You whisper passionately
setting off an explosion
of sexual fury within me
Violently, I tear away
the chothing that hides
your innocent body
Your shirt, discarded
like unwanted trash
as you frantically
squirm free from your jeans
You don't even bother
to kick them away
Your attention pulled elsewhere
and you stare seductively
into my lustful eyes
as you reach behind
unfastening your bra
Meanwhile, I'm fiercely
ripping your panties off
that mock me with their presence
You stand facing me
with your bare back
pressed against the wall
Naked, exposed
and helplessly vulnerable
to my devious desires
I take a moment
to absorb the sight
Soaking in every curve
of your sexy body
My chest raises and falls
with deep and heavy breaths
of dirty passion, sexual rage
and burning anticipation

I will ravish your body
I will fully control you
because tonight
I completely OWN you
...and your entire sexuality
belongs solely to me

This morning
I may have woken
loving you as my baby
But tonight...
I'm gonna fuck you
as if I despise you.

- June 3 / 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my FIRST ATTEMPT at writing a poem about sex. Critiques and feedback would be greatly appreciated since this is something I would like to get better at writing. Thanks

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