[ Currently Untitled ]

( Dedicated to ___________ )

Together we sit
side by side
I would tell you
how thankful I am
to have you in my life
how I preserve
with your guidance
how intense you make my life
by breathing meaning
into everything I do
how together we transcend
our own imagination
...but I do not speak
And, you would say to me
how you cherish
each warm laugh we share
how you fall into serenity
through our memories
how we discover ourselves
when we are together
how we dismiss
the need of secrets,
...but you do not speak
Between us
not a word is spoken
Not a glance is passed
Our skin never graces
the others'
and even so...
We understand
We communicate
with one another
in complete silence
We have no need
of common words
filled with hollow meanings
Words that have lost
their substance
due to repetition
Words that are often spoken
but not truly ever felt
Together, we speak
We speak in heartbeats
We speak with love
the language of the soul
A language much more powerful
than spoken words
deeper and more tender
than any touch or embrace
Together, we speak
A language beautifully spoken
and only understood
by one soul
Ours; the one we share

- Jerry/Joseph HHuggins
(May 16 / 2011)