One Step From Eden

This poem makes references to two of my other poems. It may help if you read these two first.

"Erebus and Hyperion"

"The Chains of Myself"


I forget
just how long
and just how far
I have journeyed
It matters not though
For I am here
Though tired and weary,
I have reached
my destination;
my own Eden,
filled with promise,
with hope, and life
And yet....
I stop
just for a moment
Slowly, I turn back
and I gaze upon
all the destruction,
the devastation,
and the filth
that blanket
the lifeless landscape
that is now before me
I exhale
a deep and heavy breath
For so many years,
this barren wasteland,
I called my home
I exiled myself
to remain here
in its decay
This land was
my punishment,
my prison,
and more than anything
this land was
of my own doing
I created this place
I, alone, crafted the wind
that blew fiercely
and with it, it carried
the potent stench of my
malicious demeanor
The sinister clouds
that circled above
violently stormed
rain, lightning, and thunder
The physical manifestation
of my manipulation
Infesting the landscape
are magniloquent trees
Of these trees;
each one arose
from a single seed
that began
as a single lie
but soon grew;
one lie branching off
into more twisted branches
composed of more lies
Crows by the thousands
fly from the treetops
feeding upon any
remorse and wickedness
that they may find
And for any that is left,
It is quickly torn apart
and viciously devoured
by the malevolent wolves
that diligently
scour the land
In the distance
A once strong and secure
fort, now lie in ruins
Brick and stone
scattered about like
leaves in the fall
What is left to still stand
is overgrown by
vines of deceit
And in the midst
of this chaos,
lies a body,
bloody, beaten,
face-down in mud
The lifeless carcass
is bound by iron chains
They wrap around the legs
the arms, the wrists,
the ankles, and the waist
Standing vigilantly above the corpse
is a shadow
Deep, dark, and powerful
The shadow stands secure
gazing upon me
watching me closely
It does not move
It does not chase
I stand where I am
one step from Eden
I stare into the shadow intently
and declare

- May 22 / 2010

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heatherburns35's picture

I have read all three of your poems....Enjoyed them very much....You are very talented writer...Kee[ up the
great work....