Mon Aiguille (Poem in English)

(Dedicated to Robin Kittles)

Slowly your eyes begin to open

and Heaven becomes exposed

Now I am helplessly hoping

that your eyes will never be closed

It's your innocent inspiration

that captures my affection

and sparks my fascination

with your glorious perfection

and in that single moment

time has no place here

I can't tell past from present

or one second from one year

Whisper one simple phrase

for that's all that's needed

to set my soul ablaze

and makes Heaven exceeded

for all the wrongs I've committed

with you are now erased

forgiveness is permitted

from fear, hope is replaced

You make me re-born in new light

through your soul so divine

You are my blindness to sight

My water to wine

My losing to winning

My criticize to praise

My end to my beginning

of the rest of my days

and if today was the last day

that I would see you again

I would have so much to say

but wouldn't know where to begin

So many words to be said

feelings felt, thoughts to be told

without you, I would feel dead

broken, forgotten and cold

For if God called for you to come home

then I'd beg to be taken instead

because living without you alone

is so much worst than being dead

and if I were to die tonight

and to be gone forever

then everything would be alright

if we could spend tonight together.

                 - February 13 / 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written for my needle (Mon Aiguille in French) in the haystack, Robin Kittles

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Andrea's picture

That is the most awesome poem you have written yet! It is great and I hope you can keep that kind of passion forever. To me it's like the ultimate love poem. I can, from my stand point, actually see Jeff and I know how you feel. I'm glad that you have found someone to make you feel that way. It's just really really good, and I love it and I am not ashamed at all to say that I am a hopeful romantic and it makes me feel all "mushy" inside.