Trophy Girl

(This poem was originally written by Jessica Pounds, but she asked me to re-write it)

The begining was so perfect
or at least so I thought
Nothing could have prepared me
for the lessons to be taught

Oh, they'd say so many things
Where should I begin?
"Don't waste your time with him"
Mom preached over and over again

"Jessica, they're just your feelings.
It's not as if he cares
He will break your heart to pieces
with nothing to spare

Listen, he'll take your heart
and cause so much pain
It will be your great loss
for his small gain"

She warned me, "It won't be long
before you're crying on my shoulder"
But I wouldn't listen to her
"He's not like that", I told her

He's broken hearts in the past
but swore to never repeat this crime
I hate to admit she was right
but it was just a matter of time

I didn't know I was a trophy
that he thought he must obtain
I should've seen it coming
Was I that blind and insane?

His girlfriends of the past
went through the same situation
All of his lies, his cheating
and the endless mental fustration

Heather was a perfect example
of the things to come
I believed I was different to him
How could I be so dumb?

I completely trusted his words
and this heartbreak and pain is my price
I should've listened to my mom
and followed through with her advice

She said, "Jessica, you're my daughter
and for you, I want nothing but the best
You deserve so much better
and he deserves so much less"

                 - Date Unknown

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Michelle H's picture

I love it!! I've been there before...Everyone else could see it and I chose to remain oblivious...sometimes your heart steps in the way when a guy promises you the world and tells you that this time it will be was my heart in the end and he walked away like he'd done nothing wrong...Anywayz...great poem I was reading some of YOUR works too and you have an amazing talent for writing! Keep on it and someday the whole world will know...