The Best and More

(Deidicated to Tiffany Bragdon)

Baby, the day we met each other
it never once crossed my mind
that we'd grow so close
and share feelings of this kind
     I thought we were just friends
     who would carry on conversation
     But baby, little did I know
     We were each others salvation
I needed someone who was honest,
real, strong, and mature
You needed someone with personality
warm-hearted and secure
     I needed someone who
     wouldn't get on my nerves
     You needed someone who
     would treat you like you deserve
You were tired of simple guys
who weren't very complex
Who only saw you
as a piece of meat for sex
     In so many different ways
     we're just so perfect together
     I used to think to find you
     would be something that took forever
But it doesn't matter now
because baby, you're worth the wait
You're all I've ever wanted
down to the smallest trait
     Not just physically either
     Mentally and emotionally too
     Don't forget sexually also
     but that, you already knew
I sincerely admire you sweetheart
for the person that you are
and for the person that you want to be
which isn't really all that far
     I know you more than capable
     of doing what you want to do
     and it's your strength and courage
     that makes me belive in you
I see that through you hardships
you've developed dedication
and for that reason baby
you are my motivation
     I want to see you suceed
     in everything that you persue
     and I'll always be by your side
     to help you make it through
because this isn't a joke
This isn't some random fling
This is me willing to put in
anything and everything
     I'm not sure if you've been
     special to anyone before
     but baby you are to me
     and you deserve the best and more
You deserve to go to college
for you education
You deserve my support
along with my motivation
     You deserve a good job
     with all the money you want to make
     And you deserve jewelry
     All real, nothing fake
You deserve silver and gold
and big diamond rings
Platinum, rubies, and pearls
and other expensive things
     You deserve to be surprised
     and to be swept off your feet
     with special candle-lit dinners
     with your favorite things to eat
You deserve to be held
to be kissed and carressed
and you deserve to be massaged
whenever you're feeling stressed
     You deserve to have poems
     that are written just for you
     and shared with the world
     so they can care about you too
You deserve to have your very own
star in the dark night sky
but more than anything baby
you deserve someone to be loved by
and since you deserve the best and more
you deserve for me to be that guy

                         - February 3 / 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What if......

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Crystal Hayes's picture

WOW! That was the sweetest thing I have ever read. I wish my boyfriend would write poems like that for me. the girl you wrote this for must be really lucky to have a guy like you. I know I would be. I think that all girls would want someone would writes sweet romantic stuff like you. You have a whole lot of talent. I like this poem alot and I'm gonna tell all my friends to read it. right now I'm gonna read the rest of you poems. Stay sweet. buh-bye


Samantha K Teller's picture

As a big sucker for romantic poems, I must commend you on writing possibly the best romantic poem I've ever read. I also read the critique/comments on this poem and I agree with Crystal. The girl you wrote this for is exceptionally lucky to have a guy like you who cares so deeply for her. It's true that all girls want a guy like you. Anywho, I think your flow, ryhme, and choice of words are second to none. You express so much deep feelings through your words which can be felt and shared by all. Keep posting your great work and I'll definately check it out.
~Samantha K Teller~

PS - Thanks for the comments on my poems. I really enjoyed reading them and they really did make my day.

K to the T fo sho's picture

Damn! You've completely blown me away with this. It's very very sweet. It sounds like something from a fairy tale. It's very well written and your ability to ryhme is amazing. This poem would probably bring tears to my eyes if it was written for me. Hopefully one day someone will write something this sweet for me. LOL Stanza 12 line 2 there's a typo. It should be pursue not persue. Still this poem is perfect and sweet. Keep up the good writing

Tiffany Bragdon's picture

Omg Jerry! It's beautiful and I am so sorry for what I did and now that I have realized I chose the wrong path. I was so freaking scared and I would give anything to turn back the clock and fix what I ran from. Thank you for this.. I refuse to let my fears control me anymore... I want to be happy and I want you to know that even though we are not together meeting you and fucking up the most beautiful thing I could have ever had has shown me that running from something you know will be awesome and beautiful because of your fears will ruin you for life. Every action has it's consequences right? I Love You Jerry and always will and I am sorry but I still wanna be your friend and I hope that you will accept me. I am so so so sorry I hurt you and I swear to you that everything I said was sincere and honest and I never meant for you to feel like I was using you. Please forgive me for hurting you. I really do care about you Jerry. Thank you for caring for me and loving me and writing this beautiful poem. I hope you will continue to be my friend and if you need me for anything ever or just wanna talk you know my number...I will always be here for you.. ~Tiffany