3 Minus 1

Hush little baby
Don't you cry
Daddy's here for you
and I want you to try
to put the phone down
and tell Mommy good-bye
Honey, how do I say this
so that you understand?
Mommy's not coming back
There was a change in plans
and I'm not sure if I can raise a child
I'm only one simple man
Even though were not
the way we should be
I'm doing my best
to be all we could be
I wish you were older
that way you would see
that it breaks me to pieces
to see you sitting alone
crying in your room
holding on to the phone
waiting for Mommy to call
and say she's coming home
I'm so sorry baby
but it won't be today
and I wish I had
something better to say
but Mommy's gone
to a place far away
Things won't be the same
but there's no need to worry
Daddy will never leave you
I'll read you your bedtime story
I'll wake you up for school
and get you there in a hurry
Daddy will go to your tea parties
with your teddy bear and Barbie doll
I'll teach how to ride a bike
and make sure that you don't fall
I'll even play house with you
instead of watching football
Daddy will always be here
and I'll never be too busy to play
I'll give you lots of hugs and kisses
and I'll never forget to say
that I love you very much
each and every day
You'll always have your Daddy
and you'll never be alone
I promise things will get better
but first please put down the phone
because you're making Daddy cry too
thinking that Mommy might come home
and wipe away our heavy tears
so we can be a family again
All together and happy
the way we've always been
Just the three of us
watching movies in the den
Until it's late at night
then it's off to bed
to find a nice story
that we haven't read
After that, it's lights out
with a gentle kiss on your forehead
That's how we're supposed to be
and you already know this
You want Mommy to come home
so that she doesn't miss
coming into your room
to give you a good-night kiss
but honey, Mommy's not coming
or calling, or anything
No more bed time stories
No more songs to sing
So please put down the phone
because tonight it won't ring
but Daddy will come and hold you
so you dont' have to be alone
as you cry the night away
holding onto the phone
waiting for Mommy to call
to say she's coming home

          - Januarary 2 / 2004

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Krystle's picture

holy shit jerry, thats some sad stuff :( even more so now that i am a mommy!! *tear*


Keli M's picture

This was really good!!

Valerie La Monte's picture

Holy WOW! thats amazing. I wish I could write like that. wow.