An Aeonian of Love (Anti - Poem)

(Thomas' Prayer)
Aries, I'm here at our lake...Because I knew I could find you here.
It is the Anniversary of the night that consumed my life, I fear
Although in the form of love,  your true intent unclear
It was a special day, that I shall never forget
That day, that meeting, bestowed a lifetime of regret
With you gone, my life I can live not hiding from your silhouette
My reason for coming, all that I have yet to say
For me to sleep you must know the reason that I pray
So listen on and understand how I have really felt since that day

I met a little girl named Aries when I was seven here at this lake
We had our first kiss that day, I didn't know what hell this would make
For you  began a life long bond, not even pain could take
Never in my life have I felt love's torment so clear
You were my sanctuary of sorrow, I dreamed only of your death Dear
Even on better days towards hope we would never steer near
Aries, you wrecked my life for tweleve years straight
I remember how we came to this lake for our first date
You were so goregous that night and I an hour late.
Everything was so perfect, what possibly could go wrong...?
Yet ,over the years, I'v wondered how fucking long
Finding faith in your dismissal, is how I'v lived all along
If there is a heaven, I'm sure there is a hell
You were a gift from one, but I missed the signs to late to tell
As my heart forsakens me, Im left with you, my cell
The words for your beauty, I never did know
Not a flaw in you did I see, never did one show
Your beauty's only skin deep, and desolation down below
Aries, you were as heavenly as an angel from above
Tha'ts all just a lie, and heavens exactly what u were devoid of
I can't tell you enough how gorgeous you were my love.
You looked at me and smiled one last time before
I pressed the brakes and of course they didn't work anymore
It seems as if the car and I were, for no reason, at war.
But everything is not always what it seems
Looks can be decieving, I wasnt terrified, I was living in a dream
You didnt have a chance to notice, but in my eyes there was a gleam
The car would not stop, I pressed the brakes with all of my might
I tried so hard to keep the car on the road, I tried to fight
Then I realized and knew at once, If died things would be alright
I don't recall what exactly happened after that
Not a clue what caused us to wreck for a fact
I'm sure the euphoria I felt was not a proper way to react
When I awakened from the accident, Aries, you were out of sight
And out of mind and I am fine your loss is a delight
You were to come with me to our lake, but went somewhere else that night
I don't  remember any of this, but it is what I'm told
When the paramedics arrived your body was already cold
still you were reaching out for my hand to hold.
You told me forever and always, you would be by my side...
I tried to keep from laughing I tried to keep it all inside
I can not help but to think that it was my fault that you died.
So I shed the fakest tears and let them see me cry
I was so filled with joy, these tears would not have stopped if were I to try
I can hardly believe my luck I hope in hell you fry
I saved up for more than a seven months for this
the ring that symbolizes my eternal abyss
Oh, how I would give anything for one last kiss.
So I can look you in the face, tell you how i feel
Describe your acts of disgrace, and how I bettered in this deal
But death's final embrace, left me with a chance to heal
You were to be a wife and a mother, you see
though I was far from ready to see you as a part of me
Your probably thinking how can this be.
And as I know you have something to say
I would rather you didnt try
The world for me is better this way
So with honesty I get to say goodbye
(Aries' Prayer)
Oh Thomas, I'm here as I promised I would stay
Now it is my turn and u will  hear just what I have to say
First let me agree, your not the only one glad I died that day
My death has given me what life could not fulfill
As I too lived a desolate desperate life filled with ill
Though Im unafraid and better off, still
For several years Iv wondered what I did to deserve
A person like you, exuding a hate that just unnerves
I'm sure my death is better than life , Im greatful for that curve
Iv listened to your curses and thought about your soul
Those damning feelings of rage prove your still under my control
I appreciate the warmth in words, you'll never get back what I stole
As I rest peacefully your hates a burning fire
Yet you never had a problem to use me to quench the thirst desire
So as I  lived through you, leave me be, for its all that I require
As To your wish that I should fry in Hell
There is something  I have yet to mention
With me in heaven... where do you expect to dwell?
But well known are the roads that lead with good intention

~Timothy Truman Carney

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written by my friend Tim Carney after he read my poem "An Aeonian of Love". I guess you could say that this is his "Remix" to it

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i love this
beautiful poem