In a Moment

In a moment, there will be no more tears
There will be no more lies, not more fears
I reach my hand out for my life to finally be done
My hand searches and then it finds the gun
No longer will my life be a mess
In a moment, there will be no more stress
The tears now, overflow and escape my eyes
rolling down my cheek as I cock the weapon of my demise
In a moment, I will be even stronger
and pain will affect me no longer
I raise the gun and stare down the barrel
A black hole that is so evil, and so peril
In a moment, nothing else will matter
In just a moment, all my problems shatter
Depression dies in the next moment in time
For the next moments will be pure sublime
This is the end of my life, the end of my story
In a moment, I will have not a single worry
Halfway down my throat, the gun comes to a rest
I'm so sick and tired of my life, so tired of being depressed
so tired of being picked on, so tired of being ignored
so tired of not being cared for, tired of not being adored
I'm so sick and tired of being so tired
and in a moment my escape from this Hell will be transpired
Eyes close one last time and a final breath is taken
My hands tremble as my death becomes forsaken
In a moment, I will have more that total control
A finger wraps around the trigger and tranquility engulfs my soul
Gently I squeeze, still afraid and scared out of my mind
My body still shakes and my eyes are closed; I see blind
Eternety passes in a moment and time stands still
as I ever so slowly pull back the heavy trigger until...


It refuses to firea nd the trigger stops halfway
I glance to see what caused the gun to disobey
I finally notice your love for me that is all around
surrounding the gun I'm holding and keeping the safety down.

                  - January 18 / 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for all who know what it's like... (I personally don't)

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Ashley Alafberg's picture

I haven't had time to read more of your poems, now I finally have a chance again. Wow, you are very talented, though you have no personal experience with this dramatic dark subject, you hit it right on the nose. AMAZING job!

KT Kyleen's picture

Hot damn, Jerry. Again, you do a fantastic job. Very intense. Possibly my next favorite. :o) Thankyou for sharing!