Fractured Skies

I look desperately to the future
for a short glimpse of the past,
and for a while it works,
but it never seems to last

Give back to me what I've lost
In return, I'll sacrifice anything,
no matter what to me the cost,
or the pain it's sure to bring

I just need to live yesterday
for at least one more day
Please don't leave me deprived
not after all that I've survived!

With each second that passes
I drift even further from my dream,
and with each second that passes
the need grows that much more extreme

Say tomorrow happens to be yesterday
The sky would carry the color of dismay
and the moon will be grey with decay

The anguish will cause the sky to awake
The stars will begin to tremble and shake,
and in an instant the sky will break

Then the night will shatter like glass,
down to the ground it falls like rain
Tomorrow is a memory of the past
that I will never be able to obtain

        - October 26 / 2004

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KT Kyleen's picture

Your descriptive words helps the reader picture the interpretations with ease. Nicely done. :o)