English is My Weapon

From A, B, C

to X, Y, Z

Every letter

of the alphabet

in my head

turns to a bullet

Small, heavy

full of lead

26 letters

waiting to be fed

into a clip

to create a word

and to kill

once heard

My mouth

is my gun

Fully loaded

Safe from no one

Open your ears

your mind and heart

Listen to me

and my art

My poetry

My confession

that my obession

is my profession

to take agression

and depression

and to write

day and night

so that I might

somehow excite

and maybe ignite

a bright light

that's been

lost within

all your sin

                               - February 25 / 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not too sure what to say about this one...

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Hayley Gillespie's picture

Umm this one fucking rocks. It's fast-paced and flows so well. While I was reading it, the intensity of the words kept builing up, and I could hear Rage Against the Machine playing in my head. :)

Sasha Carter's picture

This poem made me feel like I was back in the school courtyard with my circle of friends. Everyone's clapping as someone's rapping and it's just a good feeling to speak your mind and let flow. Thanx for taking me back cuz this poem would definitely fit that type of setting. It has a spontaneous feel to it like it's from the type of your head and I like that. Good job.