Sheep in the Closet

(Dedicated to Hayley G)

I found you in a closet
holding on to all that you knew
hoping that change would come;
change that was long overdue

Looking into your eyes
I witnessed my sins
mistakes of my past
coming to haunt me again

I cannot turn away
This is my chance to begin
to atone for the darkness
in me hiding deep within

Your injuries are evident
Your wounds, they run deep
The wolf has made a meal of you
my dear precious sheep

So I came to comfort you
To make the pain less severe
To replace bravery and hope
with that of affliction and fear

You freed yourself to me
conceding your oppression
and revealing what confounds
your secret depression

And as we sat and spoke
of our hurt and distress
something came out of me
that long had been surpressed

My emotions could not be conceled
as we together began to weep
Though I am a wolf myself,
like you tonight, I am a sheep.

- March 4 - 5 / 2009

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Hayley Gillespie's picture

I don't even have to say anything about this one. You already know. And it still brings tears to my eyes everytime I read it. You can see everything in me that I don't say. I think this is beautiful.