(Untitled III)

Can't you see?

This is not the way!

Things can't be like this!

I just have this to say...

How can you force me

to live without you?

I'm alone and scared

and I don't know what to do

You're supposed to be here!

You're supposed to be with me!

You're not supposed to be absent!

This just can't be!

I want to know

exactly how you feel

Do you think this is a dream?

Or is this for real?

Even if we try

I won't know where to begin,

but I don't care,

I wan to try it over again

We were together for way too long

to just let it all go

Do you even care?

This I want to know

Do you think

that it was all in vein?

Do you not care?

Do you not feel the pain?

Why are you not here?

Why are we like this?

To tell you the truth,

it's you that I miss

I can't do anything,

nothing more than pray

that things work out

and things will be the same one day

I want you to tell me something;

What will become of you and I?

Will I find the will to live

or will I prefer to die?

I'm here and waiting

for you to tell me

if the thoughts of us together

will ever be reality.

Tell me what you think

Tell me what I want to know

Should I stand here and wait

or should I turn and go?

                - October 13/ 2001

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Sexy Slut's picture

Oh mi god whats the matta with ur girlfriend why won't she talk to u. That's sad. Good poem though