How do you begin to tell someone

something that can't be said?

Like how you love being friends,

but wish to be more instead.

How do you let someone know

of how much they mean to you

without saying the "L" word

because it's something you're afraid to do?

How do you say, "I love you as a friend"?

How do you say, "I love you as a brother"?

How do you say, "I love you in a way

that I've loved no other"?

I want to be the air you breathe,

be the dreams you sleep.

I want to be your perfect smile,

and be the tears you weep.

I want you to want me

to be the one who you awake to see.

I want you to want me

to love you unconditionally.

And I've tried so hard to climb your wall

that you've built to hide behind

so I can share your pain and dispair

and hear the thoughts that haunt your mind.

Brick after brick tumbles away

the closer I become to you,

but somewhere in the process

there's something I forgot to do.

I didn't stop standing gaurd

on top of my wall I've built in the past

and now I've lost my balance for you.

I'm falling out of control and falling fast.

My arms are reaching...

For what? I don't know

I can't catch myself

so falling faster I go

I can no longer save myself

there's nothing I can do

except hope you climb off your wall

and pray to be saved by you.

      - Finished November 10 / 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by someone very close to me. Her name is Bethany Madrigal. I don't believe that this poem flows well. What do you think? Let me know.

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Sydney's picture

Jerry...That one is amazing. You say you write so people can relate. I can REALLY relate. I love reading your poems.

Rebecca's picture

You're right, it doesn't flow well. But as to the beginning, where you're asking how you say that to someone who is your friend, when you know the answer to that, please let me know.