Come Back Home

The day you walked into my life

we both agreed to be friends.

We talked on the phone some days

and saw movies on the weekends.

     You and I hung out together

     at first, a little each day,

     but as the days went by

     you and I were never far away.

Gradually over time

you and I were never apart.

It's as if we were the same person

who shared the same heart.

     We had begun to grow so close

     and we opened up to one another.

     Telling each other secrets

     that we didn't tell any other.

You told me about your problems

with your relationships of the past.

I told you about my relationships

and why they never seemed to last.

     You connected with me on a level

     that I thought no one ever would.

     It's as if you knew how I felt.

     You so perfectly understood.

I was the smile on your face,

the blood in your veins,

the beat of your heart,

I was the one to soothe your pains.

     I will never forget those words

     you said to me that day.

     You told me you loved me,

     and I didn't know what to say.

I loved you as well,

but just as a friend.

I didn't want to jeapordize our friendship.

I was scared that it would end.

     You loved me with all your heart,

     and I didn't know what to do.

     I was just so afraid that over time

     I would eventually lose you.

To have you as anything more

was something I could never choose.

You were my dearest and best friend

that I couldn't afford to lose.

     How ironic for me to say "lose"

     because I lost you anyway.

     You're no longer with me.

     Instead, you're far, far away.

And now that you're gone,

and I probably won't see you again,

I can't help but to wonder

what possibly could have been.

     Because when I now look back

     I realize what I once had.

     I know the decision I made was wrong

     and it has left us both alone and sad.

That was the biggest mistake of my life

and baby, I'm sorry you can't hear me say

I love you too and I promise

we will be a loving couple one day.

     - February 13 / 2003

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Name Required's picture

Tom always tried for her his hardest
Jane enjoys making him wade in emotional mess
Not ever good enough when it's his damn best
She says it's ok because no mans ever been honest

Mary will always love Tom, for her he's perfect
Why can't he see that bitch's not worth it
How can love be so blind is what she don't get
Dan got so tired of Mary worried about Tom, said fuck it

Then he said no more
Walked out that door
Pretty fucking sure
It's all happend before

Sally's walking around a needy shell asking to get played
Dan sees she's hot and would not mind if he got laid
Sally took enough of his shit then said that's it, found an upgrade
Jonny's not very cute, but she thinks he'll do specially when he gets paid

Johnny thinks he found love, attends to her greed
Till he finds Sally sucking off the Tom she used to see
Broken Johnny finds Jane and she's willing to please
Creating another kid they can abort with ease

Till they said no more
Found it all a bore
Pretty fucking sure
It's happend before

Then there was this writer trying to explain
The dramatic condition which some try for in vain
Thinking the simplicity is a cover for something missing
Then he finds he's wrong and lives a life just wishing.

Laura Campos's picture

This is such a nice poem
But sad at the same time
It seems like we make decisions
That someday we would regret :(
I've been through this before and it hurts
I hope she forgives you .

KT Kyleen's picture

Wow. This poem is very saddening. Definitely points out that lesson to never lose an opportunity to seize the moment. I can relate very much to this poem, so I'm beginning to question my actions. LoL. Funny how that is. In a good way. :o) Again, wow.