Tell Me Your Name

Though you'll never read this,

I still felt compelled to let my thoughts free.

I couldn't keep this inside myself.

I couldn't just leave this be.

I never knew all of you,

and never thought twice

that after you left

I would have to pay this price.

You left me to realize

that I knew near nothing about you.

I didn't know the person deep inside,

The person that no one knew.

Now that you've left me,

and I've thought about it for a while,

I know more than ever,

the mystery behind your smile.

You left me to think

you were the person I took you for.

When all along,

you were so much more.

All this time, I felt I loved a person

that posed no danger.

But the truth is,

I felt love for a stranger.

I feel so horrible

for not taking the time

to get to know you better.

My heart regrets this crime.

Oh, how I wish I could try

to get to know you again.

Things would be so different

from what they were back then.

I want so badly to ask the questions

that never before entered my mind;

and perhaps I would finally then

have the answers that I now wish to find.

Oh, God! Please come back to me!

Don't leave me like this!

Don't leave me knowing

that I'll never know the person I now miss!

Come down from Heaven

and tell me your name once more.

Let's start over.

Let things be better than before.

I can't take this pain,

this guilt, this shame.

I must know who you are.

So, once more, tell me your name.

        - June 29 / 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Think of the people you know now, and imagine that they're gone. Take advantage of the opportunities you have now. That's the point of poem.

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keith(fat guy)'s picture

i really liked this poem! it's frickin awesome!

Karyn Indursky's picture

Unfortunately, a lot of us don't realize who we have and how much they mean until it's too late. Maybe, they moved away. Maybe, they got married. Maybe, the died. Maybe, you never caught their name from all the "little" conversatoins. Maybe, we should all slow can and try to realize our emotions before it's too late. Great write.