Forever and a Day

(Dedicated to Melissa Stasinopolous)

It was a Tuesday afternoon at your house

and we'd just got done shopping that day.

It was time for you to go

and for me to continue on my way.

We both got out of the car.

You looked me in my eyes.

I lost myself in yours

Here's the twist, the surprise....

We hugged and kissed in the street

then you began to walk away.

I called out your name,

but when you turned around, I had nothing to say.

If I knew that more that two years

would wither away and die

then perhaps I would have said

something more than just, "Bye"

If only I had known that would be the last

time that I would ever see you again

then perhaps I would have said

thouse precious words that I held within.

I told you many times before

that I loved you so,

but why didn't say it

one last time before I let you go?

That one day comes back to haunt me,

and I drown in my pool of regret.

I took for granted that you'd be always be here.

A sad mistake that I shall never forget.

I'm sorry for not you before,

but here's what I wanted to say,

"Melissa, I love you, and I will

Forever, and a day."

                               Much Love,

                                      Jerry/Joseph Huggins

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K M's picture

forever and a day...huh?

Jenna Dunst's picture

Damn boy, every one of you forward and touching. I love all of your work!!!!!! This is very sweet. I love hearing things like this.... ~Jen