Room #245

April seventeenth,
a half-past ten.
In a hospital,
is where this story begins.
She takes a deep breath
then she closes her eyes.
The pain grows stronger
and the tention starts to rise.
The commotion increases
as she tries to concentrate.
The panic is too much
She can barely think straight.
She pushes harder and harder
and gives it all the she's got.
She feels herself growing feint
and her body suddenly flashes hot.
She silently prays to God
as she starts to cry.
She can't take anymore
and pain begins to multiply.
She screams louder and cries harder
than she ever thought she could.
The doctor fears for her life
as she bleeds more than she should.
The torture intensifies,
her muscles are aching,
her lungs are gasping,
her bones are shaking,
her heart struggles
and her sanity is breaking.
She closes her eyes tighter
and thinkgs of her younger years...
Back when she was a child
there was no pain and no tears.
There was only happiness
each and every day,
then all of a sudden,
everything went away.
She no longer felt pain,
no pressure, no fears.
Her crying had stopped
and so did her tears.
There was nothing she could feel
and nothing she could see.
She thought to herself,
"Am I...? Could it be?"

And in that moment
from Earth, she parted.
One angel's life had ended
as another life had started.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Not a true story)

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Amanda Jayne Pepin's picture

Wow...The few moments it took to read this poem are moments I will never regret spending. This gave me chills and I don't experience that reaction often enough. Excellent work.


K M's picture

I love this one...Keli

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Christine Mullane's picture

Great Job! i love the rhyming of your poems and the great flow. Can't wait to read more of your work, or even some new work. Keep writing you have talent.

Kalina Hunderlach's picture

wow this one mad me cry. Great poem.