Twenty Pounds

The meat loaf is hot,
And the mashed potatoes are great.
Cameron sits at the dinner table,
And eats the food off her plate.
Her parents are across the table
And they have no clue,
Of all the things
That Cameron will do.
They will never know
Of how Cameron thinks.
She cleans her plate,
And puts it in the sink.
She thanks her mom for dinner,
Then she heads to the bathroom.
She locks the door,
And prepares her doom.
She positions herself over the toilet;
The thoughts of imperfection linger.
She opens her mouth wide,
And sticks in her index finger.
'You're too fat and nasty!'
Her classmates tease.
'God listen to your child.
Make me skinny please!
I'm not pretty enough,
Because I'm too big.'
The more she thought of it,
The deeper her finger would dig.
Deeper and deeper it would go,
Until Cameron began to gag.
The toilet would begin to fill,
And her tounge would sag.
She tried to bear the taste,
And her eyes would shut tight.
Then she would grip the bowl,
With all of her might.
'I can't be this fat!
I refuse to live in this Hell!'
She didn't stop vomiting,
Until tears begin to fell.
This is Cameron's secret
That she dare not show.
Just to be accepted by people,
This is how far she would go.
She just wanted to fit in
And be accepted by her peers.
And to achieve her goal,
She would shed countless tears.
She lies in bed and wonder
'Why do I have to be apart?
Why can't people see past my body,
And deep into my heart?'
Night after night,
She'd do this again.
She doesn't realize
That this is not the way to win.
In the bathroom,
She didn't just lose weight.
She was losing herself,
Not knowing it's getting too late.
Things are going too far
To stop her demise.
One day she'll see that she's gone
And the thought will take her by surprise.
She'll stop and see one day
She's somebody she's not.
It'll be the day that she realizes
What she wants is what she's got.

October 13, 2001


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(I am not an over-weight teenage girl for those of you who didn't already know)

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fighter4life's picture

excellent poem

Jessica Pounds's picture

this poem seems so made chills go down my spine. Thethought is kinda disgusting but it was a really good poem.

Heather Barnett's picture

well u have successed, i can definitly relate to this poem. (sry about my retarted spelling lol)

Nicole A's picture

The intensity in this is breath taking..