Your Tear

I watched silently
today as you cried
releasing all the pain
that you kept inside
You couldn't take anymore
no matter how you tried
You let go of everything
that you wanted to hide

I wasn't certain
but now it's clear
You aren't as happy
as you seemed to appear
You are lost, scared
and surrounded in fear
You didn't have to say a word
I saw it all in your tear

I saw your guilt
your hurt, your pain
I heard the thoughts
that are hard to explain
The thoughts that drive you
almost to being insane
I tried to dry your tears
but they still fell like rain

You keep this to yourself
and you push me away
I can't promise tomorrow
that it'll all be okay
but hear me out
listen to what I say
You weren't the only one crying
I cried with you today

                    - April 26th / 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Maybe this would make a good song..... (probably not)

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Sydney's picture

I understand exactly what your saying...

Alana Culbertson's picture

Well i really liked this one. It kind of shows how the tears we cry can reveal alot about what is happening within our everyday lives. Thanks and keep it up.

Jeni Barber's picture

I like this one, I see that last year you wrote a comment on one of my poems, and it was written along time ago anyway thanks you have inspired me to post my new stuff I hope you think its better. Jeni

Keli M's picture

I like this one a lot too...Keli

JEssica Pounds's picture

This is an amazing poem. It reminds me of myself in many ways and reminds me of my friends. It touched me in many different ways.

Aly Tucker's picture

i love it! i really could relate to the poem. keep writing!-tucker

poetvg's picture