Maybe One Day


I ask myself,
How can this be?
How can I feel this way
for someone I never see?
How can I be willing
to change everything I am
to be with someone
without giving a damn?
I'm willing to give so much
time, energy, and sacrifice.
You are more than worth it.
I'd give it all before thinking twice.
I know this is nto the way
that I'm supposed to feel,
but I cannot deny these feelings
that are so deeply real.
I don't know if it's your eyes
or the touch of your skin.
I don't know what it is
about you that draws me in.
Whatever it is, matters not
because I could care less.
What is important though,
are my feelings being expressed.
For when I stumble and fall behind
I want for you to be there.
I want for you to pick me up
and show me that you care.
I want you to show me
the person you are inside
and show me everything
while leaving nothing to hide.
I want you to smile at me.
I want you to cry for me.
Scream, yell, and fight with me.
Anything and everything with me.
Be proud, be disappointed
with the things that I do.
Give your everything to me,
and I will do the same for you.
I will give you my hope, my courage,
my heart, my hand.
Give you my past, my future.
I will give you everything I can
because you are worth my pleasure.
You are worth my pain.
You are worth more than anything
that I can think to explain.
and maybe one day
you will hear me say
how I truly feel,
but I doubt you will.
Through this poem
my emotions are freed
This poem that you will never read
You will never know
how hard I've tried
or how I really feel inside
You'll never feel the truth
that these words can't say
like how I want us to be
together in every possible way
These feelings that you cannot see
These feelings that consume me everyday
but now, there's nothing left to do
except write this poem to you
The only person who maybe needs it
The only person who will never read it
Who knows, maybe one day you will
and then you'll know how I truly feel.
Maybe one day you'll understand
and then you'll see these feelings are real
Maybe then you'll also understand
what I mean when I confess
that when I'm with you
I know what it feels like to be blessed
because when you smile at me
with your eyes so bright
the entire world dissappears
and everything just feels RIGHT
I want to share and give that feeling to you
I want to share my entire life,
everything I've become, and everything I'll do
I want to share my entire life
and share everything I feel is true.
I want us to share our memories
about the things we've been through,
but even more than that
I want to make memories with you,
but now I fear that's all I am

just a memory of a guy you once knew...



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for one of the most special girl I have ever met

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Ashley Alafberg's picture

A wonderful beautiful piece of work, extremely relatable for me, your words can touch people's hearts and souls. Your writing is always a wonderful pleasure to read.

samantha's picture

i love this poem its my favorite one
i think this poet is very good

Marie Custer's picture

i know how you feel in this poem, its exactly, actually, what i am going through right now, keep it up, its great!

Jenna Dunst's picture

Beautiful Jerry!!!!

Lauren's picture

Beautiful writing, Jerry.. You got some mad skillz, y0. Heh.. <3 ya.