A Drop of Rain

Blind of reality
and ignorant of life
short-lived and everlasting
a drop of rain falls...
and lands upon my soul
that is broken and torn
Just one drop of rain
crushes my mind
and drowns my heart
A drop of rain becomes an ocean
and my emotions
become an island
The walls I've built for protection
from all that could harm me
are washed away by currents
strong and relentless
Just ONE drop of rain
that is all it takes
to strip me of my armor
to leave me naked without protection
helplessly kneeling before my fears
that strikes upon me a fierce blow
with its mighty sword
that murders me
with ONE drop of rain.
I hold closly my dying heart
that is bleeding with love
hoping that my soul
though broken and torn
will save my heart
from all this pain
from all this torture
Save it from this hatred, this life

and save it from the storm

that is about to begin....

- February 22 / 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My FIRST and so far only poem that doesn't rhyme

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Ashley Alafberg's picture

Hi jerry, I haven't posted anything on here for you in a long time! College keeps me busy but I like this one a lot, awesome first attempt at free style, I love the water imagery,very unique. Keep it up! I'll critique more when I have time, pleae feel free to comment more on mine, I added many more poems since your last visit.

Sasha Carter's picture

DAMN! For your first shot at free verse, this was pretty damn good. It still had an underlying rhythm and it was deep and heartfelt. It struck me and yet it didn't relate to me (consciously) so that was a bit weird. Yet all the same I liked it. Great job and keep trying new styles.

Jenna Dunst's picture

Hey jerry, thanks for checking out my poems again...I haven't been writing alot lately though! 'Gothic Rose' got accepted for publication and is featured in 'The sound of poetry' with only 32 other poets! Thought you'd like to know that. Anywho, I've read your new poems and love them all, but I think this one is truely beautiful! I love it the most. I'll be checking more frequently now and hope to be writing again soon. But keep it up and give me a holla when you have more art for me to read ;) ... I really love it! keep it up, much luv ~jenny

crimsondestiny's picture

I like it it. It flows.

Liquid Six's picture

Its really good. I like the whole water metaphore thing, Im kinda partial to it (Liquid Six) lol. Anyway, yeah really good imagery. If this is your first freeverse, Im extremely impressed. Definitely keep it up. And thanks for all your positive feedback on my poems. Ima check out some more of your work. Thanks again. Peace

Nicole A's picture

This is beautiful and expressive in the deepest of ways. I like the ebb and flow of the poem,the course it takes. This wouldn't be as wonderful if it did rhyme.

Jenna Dunst's picture


poetvg's picture

sweet piece