You don't have to say a word
for I already know
Your life is no fairytale
Your problems continue to grow
You're lost on the wrong path
Where now will you go?

I know it's hard to see the right path
when you've wandered astray
know it's hard to talk about your past
when you can't find the words to say,
but you should worry no longer
for I am with you now today

So, share your pain with me
open up and confide
If you walk through the shadows
let me be your guide
I may not be able to solve your problems,
but I will never leave your side

Though you're not crying now
your tears have still shown
you may be running lost
You may be on your own
May be dying inside,
but you don't have to be alone.

- June 17 / 2003

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Hayley Gillespie's picture

I think this one shows your compassion and insight with other people. I know I've felt like that, and you've been right there to pick me up. This is one of my favorites.

Christine Mullane's picture

Amazing. Great Job. The poem is so great because it really expresses all of the emotions and thoughts of a person who's lost and reaches out to people. Great rhyming too.

Sasha Carter's picture

That poem actually made me feel better. I was having a crappy week but now it's looking up. Thanx

Sarah Kuemper's picture

Wonderfully written. The third stanza is my favorite. This poem is just amazing.

poetvg's picture


Ashley Alafberg's picture

It's interesting that we both have a poem with the same title, but very different meanings of the word "lost", I like your poem, it brings a sense of hope. Great work, I love your capacity for rhyming, that's very hard for me to do at times, you do it very well.