The Meaning Of life

As I sit here

and think to myself

Happy Happy Joy Joy

There is a new toy on my shelf

This toy is not ment for you

and for it there is nothing you can do

You can not steal it from my room

You can not earn it with a broom

  You can not get it from the store

   You can not trade me for your whore

This is my toy and its pretty neat

Cradle of filth sucks they can't keep a beat

This toy can do as it wishes

But my toy will not do the dishes

It can learn like no other

Change it's shape, and it's color

This toy can roll around

it can go up, and it can go down

It can even climb the walls

In my room or in the hall

I like pie

Do not ask why

  Nor shall I deny

   Me and my Toy like the pie

I got my toy from the dog

who was sitting next to the frog

  on the log, drinking egg nogg in the fog

My toy will eat whatever you feed it

But do not fear it does not need it.

My toy can play well with others

It can also play alone or with it's brother

Hark! the herald angel sings

I'v got a hockey stick and thats what I bring




   and Bam!

My Toy makes noise whenever it can

This toy does not feel the need to hurt

But if it did

It would layeth the smaketh down and go off to work

This toy did cost more then a dime

But after all it's been the

five time,

five time,

five time,

five time,

five time,

This toy is for more then just a show

Whats that you say? Oh You didnt know?

Well yo ass better call somebody

My toy will beat your ass and leave you all bloody

I duttitz really likes my toy

But he's a retarded alien, oh Joy.

Just go ahead and dust them haters off

Cuz my toy is the pimp shit and can't be bought

This toy sees a wall and goes straight through it

It's like Nike and will just do it.

My toy will go the extra mile

So chill, have a coke and a smile

My toy has spread it's influence greatly

By the way have you looked at fords lately?

Like I said my toy is pretty neat

Have some pork, the other white meat

My toy does not like nascar racing

  And Unlike 50 cent it's not patiently waiting

  Unlike godsmack it will not Re-Align

   But like dave mathews it's feeling fine

My toy I shall never leave home with out it

cuz this toy is bout it bout it

This toy will not say "Bitch stop, don't hate"

But it does agree, Hungry why wait?

My toy it is extremely clever

But like the point of this poem, yeah whatever.

My toy does not like to bet

Nor does it have 20 class A cigarettes

My toy does not listen to korn

but it always has time for porn

Hickory dickory dock

my toy said you can suck its...

This particular toy will not get stuck in a tree

but like John Cena you cant see me

Due to this christmas season

It would only come to reason

That we would end this with a holiday note

So like little timmy said joy to the world, and go fuck a goat.

Timothy Carney / Jerry Joseph Huggins

- December 11 / 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2 guys, early in the morning, bored, and this is what happens. I'd like to take much credit for this but my close friend Tim did most of the work. This is what he has to say about this poem, "This is for you guys, the ones who inspire us, the ones who give meaning to meaning, and make the world a better place to live.  We would like to thank our parents mom, and dad, great job couldnt have done it with out you. Extra special Big Up To J dawg and Pac chillen up in the big H.  and to all those who dont understand well it's not our fault your stupid. The end."

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