3 Days

(Dedicated to Connie D Murphy)

DAY ONE was like desert rain
like a handful of hope
after being hurt by so much pain.
I honestly believed to myself
I had nothing to lose and so much to gain.
It's incredible to now realize
how the thought never entered my brain
that maybe all that is good
could disappear down the drain.
I was foolish to forget my heart is like fire
and day one was like desert rain.

DAY TWO was like a dream to me
Everything I ever wanted
was finally coming to be
I tried to lock my emotions away,
but I didn't know that you held the key
You said everything I wanted to hear
and showed all that I desired to see.
Perhaps this was an illusion?
Now, THAT is a possibility.
I didn't think to put my guard up
because day two seemed like a dream to me.

DAY THREE was like the flu
steadily breaking me down
Oh, how I wish I knew
that day two was just a dream
taht would probably not come true.
If I knew then, what I know now
there's one thing I would do
I would've locked my emotions behind a gate
and would not have let you through
because the last thing I wanted
was to be hurt by you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This refers to the first 3 days I met Connie. For more info read "Connie Denise Murphy"

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Sarah Jordan's picture

hey you express yourself very well this poem, in particular 3 days.. i can relate to... it's crazy... how someone i dont even know .. or have never meet.. can have written work that sounds so much like my life.. and that pain that keeps on hurting me no matter how bright or good the days seem to be... inside there all just black and painful.... you are a trully talented person never give up your gift of writting..

Janai Chanel's picture

Hey Boi,
You know that I am your #1 fan! And I am probably to blame for this poem because you met Connie through me... but I'm glad that the both of you have moved on with your lives & aren't holding any grudges anymore. Even if it seems like too much didn't come out of the relationship between the both of you, at least we all know that a superb poem was written from an experience you will NEVER forget. Thanks for sharing your innermost, deepest emotions... you are so talented, and everything you write is honesty at it's best. Forever your "sister"...

Janai Chanel,

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fat keith's picture

in stanza 3 line 5 there is a typo. change taht to that
oh and like your other poems there is no meter used. this might be your own style i dont know but most people write with there syllables in mind. i personally like 5757(i.e. 5syllables
7syllables) that may just be something you want to check out. Truthfully though most of your poems are good without meter. but with it you can only improve!