A Star, None the Less

No moon and no clouds
this is the sky right now
You think no one cares for you
but I don't see how
When I look up at the stars
this is what I see...

I see each star as a person
including both you and me
I dont understand
how your blind to the fact
That someone actually cares
and this is not how you should react
I tell you that I care for you
and yet you push me away
Alone lost in your depression
is where you wish to stay
And why do you play with me
I know you do without a doubt
Because you will ask me to comfort you
then immediately shut me out
I want to be inside you and show
that you don't have to be the best
Or shine better then the rest
your still a star, none the less
From now until forever
I will see you as a star
As long as you let me in
and don't push me away too far

- October 17 / 2001

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's a poem. End of story.

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Mollie Mcafee's picture

Its amazing what you see when you look at people, if everyone was that gifted, there would be less tears of pain and more of joy!