At The Sense Of The Presence Of Christ

[after Luke 24:41 and Philippians 1:6]


I draw near to the Lord in this old, earthy
body of flesh.  And I feel more unworthy,
the nearer that I come, for His perfection
proves the salvific grace of my election
is more than just a glorious miracle
(in stark contrast to sin's quite palpable
effect upon the fabric of my soul:
such that it seems just unbelievable
at times.  (Compare how Saint Luke's words deploy
the sense---they did not yet believe for joy.)
No doubts of Christ's Words pester or annoy
my mind:  only this obtuse obstacle
of flesh that, at my death, will be defeated,
my soul released to Christ, His work completed.



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heirius's picture

WOW! HECK YEAH DUDE! THIS IS SO AWESOME! WOW I AM JUST INSPIRED! what a way with rhymes and vernacular. You truly have a gift!