Testimony For My Homegoing

[inspired by that old tombstone in Kentucky]


Whether I get the call by night or day,

I pray it finds me trusting Christ.  I say

that, needing Him for every taken breath,

since He has saved me (back in '94),

I shall need Him the more-so at my death . . .

AND HE WILL BE THERE . . . as forevermore;

there, for me (as this body meets demise),

to welcome me into His Paradise.

I do not merit that, but have received

His promise to all those who have believed.

The flesh may falter, fooled by sin's deceiving;

but my soul will depart, surely believing

on Jesus has been my sole Salvation,

so He shall be my final destination.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

We die as we lived; then, having passed, we live as we died.  Part of the joy of living in Christian faith is being prepared to die in it.

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anastazia's picture

Beautiful, & again, very powerful!
I hope you're allowing Him to lead you as to where to share this gift of writing He's given you...
I look forward to reading more, but must go to bed now...I'll be back!

Judy Costea's picture

A very wonderful piece written from a faithful at heart Christian.. Makes you stop and think, How ready are we to go . Do we look forward to this day or are we afraid of whats to be..
Peace and Love

poetvg's picture

i love this poem