[for Lady Certainly]


That night, we swore our faithfulness unto the very end.
We all spoke in a proud, courageous tone.
But when the temple guards came, armed, into Gethsemane,
we ran.  He had to face them all alone.


Three years we walked with Him.  We saw the miracles He did.
His Words had brought us joy as never known
in all the world before those days.  Despite all He had done
for us, we left Him standing there alone.


Three trials, before priests, prince, and governor; and then the scourge
that flayed His skin, and sliced down to the bone;
the beam upon His bleeding back; the walk to Golgotha:
His hour had come. He met it, all alone.


Those Romans drove their dirty nails into His sinless flesh,
then raised that cross right up.  But not one groan
came out of Him.  Then I remembered . . . He had come for this,
and He had said He would not be alone.


His Father, God, went with Him, as we mortal men could not.
(We are but carnal, weak, and always prone
to make a mess of very blessing God has given us.
But in this nature, we are not alone:


for you, and you, and you, too, would not have done other than
we did, although you love to cry and moan
about us.  You might even have betrayed Him for those coins.
So leave your proud self-righteousness alone.)


Six hours, He hung upon that cross, until His breaking heart
gave way to death.  The spirit in Him had flown
back to His Father.  Then they took Him down and brought Him to
a brand new tomb (but it was just a loan).


In those three years we spent with Him, He told us many things.
And one came back to me: a seed is sown
and buried in the ground where it must die to bring forth life.
Or else, it must lie lifeless, there, alone.


Then on the morning of the first day of that week, we heard
good news from Mary Magdalene:  the stone
upon His grave had been rolled back by angel hands, and He
had risen from the dead.  And THIS alone


proves all the rest.  I say that Jesus is the Son of God,
the Saviour and the Lord, and He has shown
us all the Way of Faith that leads unto Eternal Life.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I should like to think that I may be remembered for more than one poem; but if only one, I hope it is this one.

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anastazia's picture

WOW! this is so powerful, & able to transport the reader back in time to be there, in their place!
You have a really wonderful way with words, a gift of allowing pictures to flow through your words...
...keep writing, & sharing what He gives you with all those who have ears to hear!
Off to read more now of your delightful, wonderful work!

yellowspecks's picture

I cannot believe i have not read this one! When you said it was among your most prized poems i ran over.
This is the most beautiful poem i have read.
You have taken a well known historical story and told it from a point of reference that has been much ignored. and done an amazing job.
One does not have to share your views on religion to enjoy this poem, and anyone who says you must does not understand poetry at all.
Your knowledge of all things historical again amazes me, your faith is strong and true important to any soul's journey.
You are a poet who stands alone, one of a kind. A blessing in itself, that i stumbled opon your work. ~Rae

Mar Garcia's picture

Very empressive and very powerful!

Pamela Lawrence's picture

good imagery.

Ron Davis's picture

As I came back and re-read the words, it still causes me wonderment that others could say cruel things. People want to say that all this is bunk, when as stated by you, they are unable to give proof to their beliefs. Isn't it ironic that those who do not believe are unable to show and bit of proof that proves us wrong. I again am honored to know that He did it all for me, and that no matter what anyone says, we know the truth. As as quoted......"Every knee shall bow, and every tounge confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord!" And as Mark Lowery added "COUNT ON IT!" thanks Jere, you are a friend in deed.

honey811's picture

I had to reply to your piece it so true and the sad thing is people still look the other way. I believe that Jesus is the son of man and he is with the ones who believe and have faith in him and they are forgiven and those who do not have faith in him most deffintly walk alone. I was really moved by your writing on this piece it shows that the Holy Spirit is with you. That is comforting to know expesially in this day and age and how really messed up the world is in. Beautifully written and I'm a believer,I loved it....

jak's picture

actually u know what..it doesnt matter, i apologise for the things i said cause well as much as u wudnt admit it it still gets u unhappy in many subconcious ways and i dont want to be responisble for bad karma. so yeh, enjoy jesus all you want. there, ive said my piece

jak's picture

yes "jak" is my name. i jst like poetry and like to read it i jst find it amusing the various ways in which people waste their lives. you will obviously never understand my standpoint as i will never understand yours..but..i mean...you know its jst a book,and a religion...why not write about things that actually happen...

Starward's picture

(In regard to the comment above, by "jak"): Since you raise the very valid question of proof, let me ask . . . can you disprove any of what I believe? Or, can you prove that what is said of Jesus is incorrect? When you can prove that, then talk to me. Until then, if the poems bother you so much, don't read them. The absence of your comments from my poems would not be that difficult for me to bear.



jak!'s picture

ive never read such a load of self indulgent "ooo jesus is so great" piles of poems in my life. hell if u know anything about jesus, u ever met him? u even know he did ANYTHING? did he even exist ? u dont know...but still u love him...guess if i read lord of rings i cud run around believing that too...get ur head out of gods arse

Aisha Mya's picture

I love your persepective, He was alone, and you seem to have been a deciple finally realising the sacrafice, , it's incredible, I must comend you!

poeticangeltears84's picture

i love your poetry!!! This sounds really crazy...but it's true...the first stanza of this poem was in a dream of mine a few nights ago! I'm shocked that i came across the very words that I dreamed about reading...

"That night, we swore our faithfulness unto the very end.
We all spoke in a proud, courageous tone.
Bu when the temple guards came, armed, into Gethsemane,
we ran. He had to face them all alone."

I have no idea what it means...but I know I'm a believer and I love Christ with all of my heart, soul and mind!! The funny thing is...where you obviously meant to type "but" as the first word of the 3rd line...it came out "Bu" when I was reading it in my dream. Just as it is typed. But...I somehow thought I was reading German. Strange. Blessed to see it on paper!! Inexplicable...but wonderful!

God Bless!


The soul brings us to life. It leaves our bodies when we die. Why then, is it such a stretch to believe that poetry written from the heart is branded into our souls? Like love is the key to the heart, poetry must be the key to the soul.


Jordan Allen's picture

very strong poem as a faithful follower of jesus myself. my hearts goes out to u. keep the good work, I appreciate the comment on my son it touched me deeply.

-J.R Allen

kerry's picture

A very moving poem. I cannot add much to what has already been said. I intend to read more of your poems as time allows. Good stuff:)

Kaz Pink's picture

JER!!! This is absolutely amazing... oh it moved me so. Even though you and I have different beliefs, I always love to read your work and be entranced by images of Jesus and the wonderful way He has set his Love upon us. Amazing work, keep it up hun!

zevil's picture

as an atheist i found this poem somewhat entertaining! please take a look at my poetry especially my folder 'desires of a sanguinarian' - enjoy!

*~* Slendah*~*'s picture

For God so loved the world...

Maggie Emlinger's picture

this poem is absolutly suberb! it is a beautiful statment
of christ and all the wonderful things he has done for us,
yet we did nothing to stand beside him ... thank you
-maggie emlinger

 Coffee2's picture


I love 'Jesus All Alone'. It really makes you stop and thank Him for all He has done for us. Knowing He did not have to do this. Yet He did.

You have a way with the words. So well put.. Keep it up
I will read the rest of your poems.

Love and prayers

Killashandra Smelser's picture

though my own personal beliefs are not of the same faith i do greatly respect the story of christ, and you tell it so wonderfully. such a powerful piece. truely astounding work.

Karyn Indursky's picture

I often think about how we all claim to love and believe in God, Jesus, etc., but how He's always left suffering for us alone. He died for us, but if someone wanted us to die for him most of us wouldn't. It's rather pathetic in my eyes how He cares and loves us so much as we spit in his face out of insecurity, fear, resistance. Had He been how we are now we'd all be in Satan's hands. I pray to God that one day we will gain the strength, courage, etc. He had to die for us to show Him our love, respect, appreciation, and all those over emotions tucked behind our masks.

Judy Costea's picture

Anyone who reads this and does not believe he died for us, after all he went through so that our sins may be forgiven. Then they alone have no heart. for only a heart can feel the pain and sadness for our Christ. I know he died so that we may live again. but you know in his heart GOD had to suffer some to give his son for sinners, and even ones that didn't care at all for him..
He may have been all alone from mankinds point of view. But you know he was never alone from his father (GOD) not even for a second. We could never imagine not even for one minute what it would be like to have to do that to your own child.
I cry reading this, my heart in my throat.
What a beautiful piece this is, If anyone can read this and not choke up or feel something, surely they don't believe or something is wrong with them.
Thank you Jere' for reminding me of such a beautiful passage.
Peace and Love walks in your life.

Ron Davis's picture

If you can read this and not be moved, whether young or old, then the Spirit is not alive! Very nicely written and I think that you are coming around my brother. Continue on and will leave you on the prayer list!

poetvg's picture

beautiful piece

blumentopf's picture

Oh Jere I am a latecomer to this so stirring and beautiful ballad.
But it does not matter to be late. Better late than never :-)
Absolutely beautiful ! and inspirihng!
Thanks for composing and postihng

Elizabeth Dandy