On a fly by


I am traveling through

Your minds eye

Wanting more

Than a fly by

Will you stop and look

Read me

Like a book

Or will you just let me be

Overwhelmed in your own

Autobiography of splendor

To know

You've passed by

A girl wanting to love you

Without strings

Will you ponder in leiu

Clip your own wings

Refuse to ride

Too busy

Heart fried

Wrapped up in thoughts

Consisting only

Of life as you know it

Wanting lonely

Not looking up

No bookmark do you hold

As I pass you by

The wind changes to cold


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John Chapman's picture

To be read through and through,like your favorite book, passages underlined, phrases takken to heart, a book mark telling me where you left off and where I should to start.... Iloved it, if only we all could speak so openly with our hearts, and on a person to person basis..... Love, John