My Guy


All I have to say

As time is ticking by

I'm just looking for

A special guy

I feel the need

To explain my theory

So please read on

I just want you to hear me

In love completely

Waking by my side

I expect cuddling

From my guy

When we're apart

All that I ask

Is that he think of me sweetly

As time passes

Wanting to be with me

Nowhere near obligation

Missing the butterflies

My presence awakens

Wanting to put a smile

Across my lips

And maybe give them

A sweet kiss

Wanting to be near me

As I think of him

These thoughts should never be

Anything near grim

Yet it seems so very far away

For these dreams to become

A reality

Seems I'm feeling numb

I just want for someone

To lovingly adore me as I do them

Somehow I'm in for

Quite a bargain

Yet I don't seem to have

The shopper's eye

Don't know why

I just cant find the right guy

I must remain optomistic

I know he's out there

Wanting the same

If only

I knew his name


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John Chapman's picture

poems such as this hurt me so, but to know the one who wrote it hurts me more... No one should have to know the feelings of want and despair when it comes to matters of the heart... Great poem, I'm glad that I came here snooping around for something new...or should I say something I've overlooked...


John Chapman's picture

I often think to myself, if there is one true love out there for us why not give us there name at birth.... But then I think to myself, that maybe just maybe we go through the smooth, rough, high and low spots so that when we do finally find that person we are meant to be with.... we will treat them as gold, know how precious they truly are and how lucky we are to have found them....and knowing that those butterflies you feel isn't fear, but love and wanting to keep it near..... Love, John