Anger Management

Playing with my heart

Seeing how far

It will stretch

Why did you even start

When you couldn't finish

Leaving me on the edge

Of this cliff

On this mountain

We climbed together

Thought it would be forever..

My vision clear

Yours quite blurred

My ears not ringing

Yours echoing with voices you've heard

How could you lead me down this path

Then leave

Without looking back

No regrets it seems

On your side

The storm has come and passed

Seems it's following you

Down the mountain

As you retreat back

Keeping my gaze on the brighter side

Not wishing to be a part

Of this mess you call life



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it's always sad that love can leave u stranded on a high lonely place...
I wrote a poem before...titled Vertigo, in my second hall. It kinda relates to your gem here, Jen.
U portrayed the Mountain in a flowing style... bravo ~