Alices looking glass


I see you

So clearly

As if peering through

Alice's looking glass

Though you try to hide

Keep all your feelings

Bottled up inside

Without healing

Your inner voice


Keeps you at bay

So very far away

Finally seems

You're on the outside

Looking in

No longer wanting to hide

So come with me

Step outside

See how beautiful it can be

This life, this ride

Only lasts for so long

Not to be wasted

Take chances

Taste it


In what you are

Capeable of anything

Take it as far

As your dreams take you

When you're sleeping

Without conscience

Of the reality your keeping

Grasp it

Hold it

Never let go

Own up to it

It's yours

For the taking

No time

To be wasting

We all make our own

Bed of roses to sleep in

Be sure to remove the thorns

Otherwise it's called cheating

Pick the most beautiful

Vibrant colors of petals

Place each one oh so delicately

Never let go

Of the colors

As they fade away

Tend to them    

And they will always remain

As you first pictured them

In your mind


They're just too hard to find

When you look for them

A second time

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For John.. as we all learn the tough times only make us stronger : )

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John Chapman's picture

I tried to call you at work, but was unable to get through, so I came here to spend time with you... Even when your voice can't be heard your writing speaks voulmes.. Thank you for being here...


Melvin Lee's picture

Interesting monologue, Jen... i can almost picture this girl looking down, peering at this glass...where a fogged picture of her man is seen within it... quite a whimsical sense here...Smilesz. And as always, your free verses have this distinct development in them.... thoroughly enjoyable. thanxs for informing me~! take care.