Shy Guy


Why do you wait


Without haste

Thinking it is you

It is not

Others just can't taste

The sweet nectar

Of your heart

Is enclosed within

You need not worry

Your time will come, will begin

You are a shy guy

Wanting love

Not on the fly

As most of us grasp

Without having to try

In search of more

You wait

Tis not you

But others who hate

Knowing you possess

This special gift

They take advantage

With their rubber hearts

Fingers crossed

You stay on standby

For true love

You're not lost

Just a shy guy

Knowing what love costs


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my friend John..

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deethepoet's picture

Hey this one is really good. Good work *applaudes*

John Chapman's picture

I know this is my second critique, but I feel as if things change and as with everything else so have I. I'm still that Shy Guy, but on the stars I no longer rely. Oh, I still wish and dream with a hopeful eye, upward looking toward that night sky. But on the ground solid I now stand, for love may be in the stars, but even a fool must land. Now don't get me wrong, even this Shy Guy will one day learn to fly. Thank you again for seeing in me what other's failed to notice...

John Chapman's picture

Still a shy guy, secrets unfold, now I know why, a new man to behold, but still a shy guy, that I cannot deny. Have I ever said Thank You?.... Thank You!