Only regret


My only regret

Stood out plainer than darkness

Now life in the tunnel

Drowned in my own self sadness

To be in control

A gift I had soon taken advantage

Stubborn as not to realize

A mistake of my own doing

Wanted so much too soon

Racing for the light

Every stone became a stumble

So my life unfolds before me

My father betrayed me

My mother weeps of sadness

For the storm has soon settled

But the waves are still roaring

In confrontation I have faced

My worst dreams and fears

Picking up the pieces

But missing the largest one

To put my life together

In need of the very one

Who made me realize

What life means to me

Without him I will not make it

No matter how strong the possibility

For if I have to live without

My soul will die alone

For if he will not forgive

I will never forget


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