Our Earth


I miss the days

The air was fresh

When people didn’t

Smoke to death

When you could play

Out in the sun

Almost every day

Without sunblock on

When babies were born

Before they were killed

I could’ve sworn

That most weren’t born ill

When people had touched

Others hearts

Now they just clutch them

And begin to throw darts

When I could jump

In any lake

Where garbage wasn’t dumped

Or toxic waste

How I could see

The wonderful blue sky

Now I sit and wonder

Why lord why

Why can’t they just

Let the earth be

It’s suffered oh

Too much lately

Just thinking of what we’ve done

To this wonderous place

Where god has put his only son

Whom we no longer can face


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charisma's picture

oh yeah I can hear you, and I share my concerness about our world too. Have wrote one about Mother Earth too. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work. Charisma

Melvin Lee's picture

A wonderful piece that speaks volumes of truth and yearns for a better world... I think u weave the different facets of life very well here, Jen...and yes , it is so apt. Another enjoyable tour this time... Smilesz...till the next~!!