Non Spoken Words


I cannot ponder your ways

  Have tried time and again

Gets me nowhere

  Leaves me standin


You leave me with this emptiness

  Cannot open your heart

The slightest bit

  Now that’s no way to start

I could not have fathomed

  This feeling

How do you do it

  Why do they need

It’s really amazing

  The power it holds

Those non spoken words

  Leaving me with nothingness

Are you with me or not

  Just would like to know

Not putting you on the spot

  Just can’t let go

So tell me to leave

  At least I’ll have direction

Since I still yearn to know you

  Can’t fight this infection

Need a cure

  Want to learn of your ways

You’re not even sure

  Of what you need these days

Or maybe you know

  Or knew from the start

Maybe you didn’t

  Thought I was a part

A piece you could use

  Or play with

For a while anyway

  Without having to stay

Don’t give me

  Any more

Than I already don’t have

  What for

Is this what you want

  Someone to lust

After you

  Like some damn slut

Sorry honey

  Don’t need it that much

Don’t like to play games

  Just want your touch

But that’s ok

  If you’re not prepared

For the drama that follows

  Will leave no time spared


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