Oh what a wonderous and mighty beast

I wish I could have seen her skim the seas

She was not only a majestic ship, but the lives not lived

The hopes of tomorrow and what it will bring

A journey cut short by negligence, time ran out without warning

Secrets were never told, those who survived suffered much loss

Some children were never able to grow old

Unsinkable the naïve men preached

To break records they went ahead full speed

A love lost, no time spared, those who were left lived in despair

A luxury liner due west to New York

Columns busting, water rushing decks flooding, all hope was lost

Those with dreams of a new life, left their loved ones at the sight

As they were lowered into the night, many tears were shed

As the great ship sank faster beneath the surface

Screams and wails, gunshots fired

Chaos took over as lifeboats became scarce

Watching in horror this dreadful sight

Some will never know how they survived that night

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