Piece of the Game


You need not judge me

When you don't even know me

Spreading lies and rumors

Contorting poems that you've read

I write from the heart

My feelings and dreams

You read with devil eyes

I know you want me to leave

Thinking, stay away from my beau

Searching for things

To hurt him from me

Hoping I wont linger

Just maybe he cared

You don't even know

Now neither will I

As full circle goes

On for you

Without interruption

Enjoy your brief moment

Before the combustion

Play the game

Please yourself

Be lame

Til all you have left

Is nothing more

Or maybe less

Than what you had

To begin with

As you realize

You are nothing to him

But a piece of the game

Soon your light will dim

Bored he will become

Begin searching for another

Send you back home

Where he can't be bothered

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Melvin Lee's picture

A most frank and powerful piece...definitely written straight from the heart. your voice BOOMS from the lines, Jennifer Smilesz.