Makes the World go Round



Make the world go round

You think you know what's going on

Then comes the bomb

Whoa!  Take cover

Somehow, someway

Thought I knew them

It just wasn't my day

I guess

If they really knew me

They would know how I am

As I present myself freely

Grow up

I say


When it's not going your way

You should voice your concerns

Not keep them at bay

To harbor and grow

Into something fake

Assuming these things

Doesn't help your current predicament

Just causes it to swell

Leaves you distant


Author's Notes/Comments: 

If only the rest of the world would listen while one talked instead of assuming things ... it would be a much better place.. also to just talk instead of assuming... hmmm wouldnt that be nice : )

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Melvin Lee's picture

Hhhmmm...interesting piece here, Jennifer. Maybe that's why i chose to comment on this first. Quite a bit of morale behind the verses here....and yes, it speaks volumes of contemplation about life. Indeed humans can be so presumptious, assuming all to be within grasp of their (limited?) understanding.... sigh. thanxs for sharing this thought-provoking one. Smilesz.