Unsealed words left on my doorstep

Reassuring me there is no need to proceed

A note taped inside a box, whirring, ticking and buzzing

As I read I realize your love I did not achieve

With uncertainty you describe your thoughts

Too scared to call and hear my voice, what I might say

Who were you anyway?

Why would I want you to stay?

Friends you say you want to be

But you’re never emailing me

You are not the person

I thought you were originally

So I’ll turn off my box

And not anticipate from you

What you are not

Would rather just leave you unopened and new


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lost love...

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Rhonda M's picture

Very nice writing. And boy, lots of us sure do have lost loves don't we? Perhaps it just wasn't meant to be.. but it hurts a lot to lose someone that you thought was your best friend.