As I reflect back, I see many things
At one time I wasn't strong enough
I was naive to think I knew myself so well
I had believed I was true to myself
I had thought today was a long time away
Now here I stand in yesterday
Wanting to know of tomorrow
Realizing it is not as far off as I once thought
Knowing what I do now
Never again will I assume so absurdly
That life is what you made of yesterday
It's what you do for tomorrow
That will give you the wisdom and strength
To live a life worth living
We all make mistakes


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on my birthday, as I reflected back...

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Teresa Jacobs's picture

Dear Jennifer, Well put, very well put indeed. Like this poem. You are good. I haven't read a poem that I didn't like! BYE! Teresa

Michelle Noel's picture do have a way of penning a poem to make people step back and think. I love your style and the messages you put out there. Michelle