This Garden


When you speak

  It soothes my soul

I’d rather you not

  Call anymore

Would just be teasing

  My inner being

The one that wants

  To let you in

Cant let that happen

  Is like an addiction

No thank you

  Not for me

Know you will leave

  Cause you don’t see

So please, I’m begging

  Don’t do this now

Would just be better

  If we don’t let it grow

Into something

  That we cant share


  So stop digging

And maybe don’t tend

  To this garden

That you’ve begun

  And left without water

For so long



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my friend Mark

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smooth's picture


you shoudnt worry so much your very pretty

Carla Mobley's picture

Garden image is wonderful. Yea. Let bygones....