There once was a time

  When I stood where you are today

Read the same thoughts

  Had the same things to say

You need to choose

  Which road to take

Can’t let it overcome you

  Must take over before it’s too late

Decide what it is

  You might need to move forward

If you don’t possess it

  Then it was never yours

If you hold it within

  Must find the strength

The courage to bear all

  What is left is fate

This you must embrace

  When you are done

There is nothing left to be said

  The answer is only one


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for a friend of mine who was having some hard times fall on them.  I know we are all here at one time or another.

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Monk 13's picture

Very nifty poem, it flowed really well. I liked the message I'll be reading more of your work. Yippee. <(((____CRAYOLA ROCKS_____((()